Dedicated To Pope Francis & St. John Paul Ii - Filigree Rosary Blessed By Pope

Wonderful St. John Paul II Canonization Rosary

This is a beautiful rosary coming from Rome, complemented by Pope Francis parchment blessing.
The rosary is dedicated to both Popes. St. John Paul II & Pope Francis.

Attached one can find a marvelous medal of St. John Paul II with a relic ex-indumentis (piece of the veste of the Pope).

The beads are made of light filigree, it's light and portable.
Beads diameter is 6 mm & rosary length is 23"

The center rosary has the effigy of our beloved Pope and the written "Pray for us" on the flip side (Prega per Noi)

You can bring this unique rosary and our beloved smiling pope always with you.

The rosary is made in Italy.

Altough this rosary has already been blessed by Pope Francis in Saint Peter Square during public audience, it can been blessed again -after the sale. Just ask me!

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