Blessed By Pope - St. Francis & Wolf Franciscan Medal - Franciscan Pendant Charm

Beautiful St. Saint Francis protection medal

Directly from Rome, Italy.

Beautiful, big, Saint Francis of Assisi medal: 22 mm  - 0,86"
Made of brass, silver washed. 

Beautiful details, in the picture one can see also the signature of the artist. 
it's a wonderful medal to be worn everyday, but also have you thought about using it to protect your pet?

The perfect addition to attach to your dog collar. A sturdy and very well made dog tag. Have St Francis, patron Saint of pets protect your favorite pet.
I recently acquired in my collection this beauty. It's a beautiful silver washed medal of Saint Francis with the wolf. In the back there is the image of the Saint Francis Basilica, in Assisi.
This is a very special item: I've brought it to the St. Peter's square, during public audience, to get it blessed for you by Pope Francis.
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