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DONATION: Give the gift of Water

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We like to think that our customers, like us, understand the importance of helping others.

To make an impact this year, we researched several ONG and and fell in love with Charity: Water,  a non-profit organization backed up by private money who takes your donations and uses them 100% towards the goal of bringing water in developing Countries.

771 million people in the world live without clean water

If you purchase this product with your Green Rewards Loyalty Points, we will donate on your behalf the credit you have accrued to Charity: water.


Checkout what we accomplished thanks to your help: your contribution


You can of course always add this product to your cart and make a donation on checkout and we will make the donation on your behalf, but you can do the same from their website as well!

We feel the need to spread the knowledge about this NGO so that we will be able to find more people that will talk about them.

We also love for you to read and fall in LOVE with us with Charity: Water!

Why Water - Impact of the Global Water Crisis | charity: water (charitywater.org)

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