Easter in Modica, Sicily : between Traditions and Chocolate

Easter in Modica, Sicily : between Traditions and Chocolate

Easter is the time of the year when, in every town, Sicilian folklore is expressed at its best and seduces all the tourists who are spending their spring holidays in this beautiful island.

Modica is definitely not an exception to this with its Easter’s procession.

Modica is called the "city of a hundred churches", in relation to the high number of religious buildings which were built there, even including convents and monasteries. Churches here have been traditionally built in the local golden stone. A special feature that distinguishes the architecture of Churches in Modica is due by the geography of the town. The Churches in Modica usually overlook spectacular flights of steps which are modeled on the slopes of the hills.

One of the best traditions that has been taking place during Easter in Modica is the  Madonna Vasa-Vasa. It’s a special Easter’s celebration where the streets are flooded by tourists every year to participate to the procession that goes around Corso Umberto I, the main street of the town.

A statue of Risen Jesus and a statue of the Virgin Mary are brought around the town in procession, coming from two different area of town until they reach the end of the procession in Piazza Municipio, where at noon,  they meet to embrace and kiss.

Madonna Vasa-Vasa in Modica

This final moment is the most anticipated by all and it is the moment that statue of Mary, moved by an automated mechanism based on the model of the "Sicilian puppets”, drops her black cloak and opens her arms to embrace and kiss Jesus. At the same moment dozens of white doves are freed and fly around bringing happiness to the special event.

The same scene is repeated a second time in St. Peter's Square, and for a third time in Largo Santa Maria. Once, the farmers drew omens from the two "vasàte" made in San Pietro and Santa Maria: and depending on their success, they made wishes for the harvest.

The old town center of  Modica, as many other villages of the area, is characterized by its baroque style, and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage properties. 

Modica is also the beautiful home of Sicily’s best authentic chocolate. Chocolate makers here are still making chocolate following the Aztec methods of chocolate making. The chocolate in Modica is processed at low temperature therefore the sugar remains granulous - meaning that the chocolate crumbles more so that it will melt in your mouth.

Until travels will be free again, we will all have to dream about visiting Modica or eating some of that delicious chocolate made by skilled artisans of Modica buying some chocolate online. 

Either way don't forget to pray the rosary with Catholically Easter Rosaries with the 14 stations of the rosary.

Modica's chocolate


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Oh what a lovely gathering! Hail Mary and Jesus our Savior! Oh to witness this would just be overwhelming ✝️🙏


Dear Mother Mary & Baby Jesus, I pray that you can help my husband Manel to feel better, more energy, he’s off balance when walking ..loosing weight, just not feeling well at all, depressed & can’t sleep only about 2 hrs per night ?!? He has no pain (on shoulder pain that needs to be operated on),.but wouldn’t cause all these issues. We’ve been to several doctors (specialists), yet none can give a diagnosis or prognosis or meds to feel better :(


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