Archangel Michael Honors Those Who Work for Peace, Safety and Security

Archangel Michael Honors Those Who Work for Peace, Safety and Security

St. Michael the archangel is a powerful spiritual general and soldier for Christ who protects us all from danger with his sword drawn. He makes appearances in scripture as well, most notably when he rescued Abraham after their long journey into faith by preventing an Egyptian interference during fulfilled Scripture: "I will fetch you safely out of My grasp," said God ( Genesis 12:13 ).

The archangels are messengers who carry messages from God. One such messenger is St. Michael the Archangel, whom Catholics have designated as protector of those that preserve security in their everyday life - especially law enforcement officers, firefighters or other service providers who work to serve others each day with courage despite any dangers they may face while doing so; he makes appearances throughout Bible including during glorious events like Defense against Goliath where he was paired up alongside David which helped win victory over enemy forces.

Those who work in the field of security, safety and peace are given an extra boost from their patron saint. The Archangel St Michael is often seen as a general for Christ's army on earth - protecting them all through his many appearances throughout biblical history- especially when he was charged with keeping watch over one group: "you shall not spoil… nor shed blood".
This means that if you're out there doing your job every day making sure things stay secure – then it just might be thanks back down firing off at how much better everything feels now knowing this powerful angel has got our backs!

The Saint Michael medal is a powerful protection against the dangers of today's world. It has been said that wearing this sacred charm will keep you safe from all sorts bad luck, threats and even death itself! If your heart beats with law enforcement or military service then we can bring it here so Pope Francis himself blessing may seal its power over evil forever more.

There are many places that sell St. Michael medals, and we carry a silver version which is very popular amongst our customers!


 St. Michael silver medal


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