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Blessed Mother Carmen of the child JESUS - VINTAGE Catholic medal with Relic

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BEATA MOTHER CARMEN DEL NIÑO JESÚS  ex indumentis Relic medal with 2nd class ex-indumentis
Golden reliquary medal 
Nun's estate.
Beautiful item to treasure for years to come. Bring it always with you, with a chain around your neck. It's a special treasure to keep near to your heart.
MARÍA DEL CARMEN GONZÁLEZ RAMOS was born in Antequera, Málaga, on June 30, 1834, in a Christian family. He receives Baptism the day after his birth.
As a child, Carmen is loved for her kindness and sympathy, her generous heart and her conciliatory attitude, the intelligence and liveliness of her character, her disposition and ability for housework. The family atmosphere helps to cultivate the spiritual sensitivity of the little girl, who stands out for her intense piety manifested especially in the love of the Blessed Virgin and the Eucharist. His love for the poor, whom he visits and helps, is great.
At 22, sure that he does the will of God, he marries Joaquín Muñoz del Caño. A long and difficult stage begins in which Carmen gives evidence of magnanimity and strength sustained by intense faith and heroic charity. The constant request of a faithful and patient wife, prayer and penance for twenty years, are rewarded when Joaquín finally apologizes for his loss and amends his life.
Carmen is a widow, without children, at 47. The greatness of her spirit, the love of the needy, the apostolic impulse of her soul, lead her to seek the divine will over her life and the way of "teaching souls to know and love God."
The poor children of means, of culture, of faith, strongly call their heart that sees in them the presence of Jesus Child.
Con la orientación del Padre Bernabé de Astorga, Capuchino, abre en su casa una pequeña escuela. Se le unen algunas jóvenes que comparten su inquietud y se pone la semilla de lo que será una Congregación Religiosa.
Al fin, el 8 de mayo de 1884, Carmen González Ramos y sus primeras compañeras, llegan al Convento de Nuestra Señora de la Victoria. Es el primer paso de las Hermanas Terciarias Franciscanas de los Sagrados Corazones de Jesús y María.
La vida de Madre Carmen al frente de la Congregación pasa por grandes pruebas y dificultades, calumnias, oposición dentro y fuera del Instituto. También ahora el amor, la humildad, la fortaleza, la caridad y el perdón marcan su sentir y su actuar. Los misterios de Belén, el Calvario y la Eucaristía son la fuente viva donde su espíritu recibe aliento y claridad.
Opens eleven houses, not only for teaching but also for the care of the sick, nursery, night school of young workers. In all of them it is possible to teach souls the love that God has for them.
At 65 years of age, on November 9, 1899, Mother Carmen del Niño Jesús died in Antequera, the city that saw her born and saw her in the various states of her life.