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Light Blue Venetian Glass Murrina - St. John Paul II Relic Rosary

St. JP II Relic Rosary made of Venetian Murrina Glass

Beautiful rosary with beautiful light blue Murrina beads and silver tone cross.

On the rosary there is a special pendant for our newly canonized Saint: a medal with a relic of his tunic (ex-indumentis).
The center rosary has the image of Our Lady Vergin Mary.
The auction is complemented by a wonderful blessing on a parchment.

Murrina (common pluralization murrine) is an Italian term for colored patterns or images made in a glass cane (long rods of glass) that are revealed when cut in cross-sections.

Murrine are designed by layering different colors of molten glass around a core, then heating and stretching it into a rod. When cool, the rod is sliced into cross-sections of desired thickness with each slice possessing the same pattern in cross-section.

The murrina process first appeared in the Middle East more than 4,000 years ago and was revived by Venetian glassmakers on Murano in the early 16th century.
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