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Fr. Etienne Pernet -VINTAGE Pocket reliquary HOLY CARD w/ 2nd class Relic

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Authentic from France.

Relic with clerical clothing of Father Etienne Pernet.
It's a relic ex-indumentis.
SIZE: 1.3" = 32mm (long / approx)

Étienne Pernet was a French Roman Catholic priest, founder of Little Sisters of the Assumption Order.

In 1850, aged 26, he pronounced his first religious vows. In 1858, on April 3, he was ordained a priest. He then taught at Nîmes and looked after a club that cared for some 200 children from working-class families.

*Blessed by Pope Francis during public audience.

It can be blessed again by Pope Francis after your purchase. I will bring it personally to St. Peter square to the Pope's public audience.

Comes with a holy card of the blessing by Pope Francis!