Holy Spirit Dove Four 4-Way Cross Jhs 1 Pendant Confirmation

Beautiful all Saints
4-Way JHS Cross Medal 1 inch

This is a BIG, pretty, silver oxidized medal which has the JHS symbol in the front, together with the dove and 8 Saints or catholic symbols.

IHS or JHS - these words are generally related to Christian religion especially catholics and Commonly seen on Christian churches.. It is considered as monograms of the name of Jesus Christ (Christograms) and are found in-scripted on Holy Eucharist or Holy Host.

These words stands for the below given latin words which means "Jesus, Saviour of men" in English

The letters JHS are an abbreviation for the Greek letters spelling Jesus' name.

The reference to Jesus is from the first three letters of Jesus' name in Greek, ??????

JHS its a Latin abbreviated form of Jesus Hominis Salvatus, or "Jesus Savior of Mankind".

Can be blessed by Pope Francis before shipping.
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"Do not be afraid. Open wide the door for Christ." JPII

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