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Reliquary Medal w/ 2nd class relic St. Faustina Kowalska Faustyna

Small reliquary medal with 2nd class relic St. Faustina Kowalska

This is a tiny medal containing a real second class relic of Saint Faustina of the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Rome.
It's an ex-indumentis reliquary. It's a piece of the vestment of the Saint.
It's a small medal perfect to be attached to a bracelet or to pin on your jacket.

Please look at the pictures for an actual image of the holy card medal you are purchasing.

In the front of the medal there is an image of the Saint and on the flip side there is written in Polish: St. Faustina relic.

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Maria Faustyna Kowalska, O.L.M., recognised in the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Faustina (born Helena Kowalska, 25 August 1905 in Glogowiec – 5 October 1938 in Kraków, Poland), was a Polish nun.

Throughout her life, Faustina reported having visions of Jesus and conversations with him, which she wrote about in her diary, later published as the book The Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul. Her Vatican biography quotes some of these reputed conversations regarding the Divine Mercy devotion.

At age 20 she joined a convent in Warsaw and was later transferred to Plock and then to Vilnius where she met her confessor, Father Michal Sopocko, who supported her devotion to the Divine Mercy. Faustina and Sopocko directed an artist to paint the first Divine Mercy image, based on Faustina's reported vision of Jesus. Sopocko used the image to celebrate the first Mass on the first Sunday after Easter - which later was established by Pope John Paul II as Divine Mercy Sunday.

Faustina was canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church on 30 April 2000,having been considered a mystic and visionary. She is known and venerated within the Church as the Apostle of Divine Mercy. [cit. Wikipedia]

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