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Saint JPII special edition CANONIZATION Rosary with attached Medal ex-indumentis

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This is a special edition rosary released for the cause of canonization of St.John Paul II.
** It has been recently touched to the new grave of St. John Paul II **
Risultati immagini per tomba giovanni paolo
What a wonderful rosary. It's finely hand made. Dark brown wood olive shaped beads with inlays.
It has been blessed by Pope Francis during public audience. I've brought it personally as a free gift to the purchaser.
On the rosary there is a special pendant for our newly canonized Saint: a medal with a relic of St. John Paul II tunic (ex-indumentis).
A beautiful commemorative gift that celebrates the life and vocation of John Paul II.
This is the perfect rosary to give as a gift, though you may be tempted to keep one for yourself.
The beads are made of olive shaped dark wooden beads, warm to the touch. A rosary that is pleasing to hold.
The center piece is the special one dedicated to St.John Paul II during its canonization.
Don't miss this auction, it's a special item. A piece of history for you from Rome.
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