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Vatican LEV Library Exorcism book De Exorcismis et Supplicationibus Quibusdam

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De Exorcismis et Supplicationibus Quibusdam
Authentic official book, published by Vatican (LEV).

Hardback: 86 pages
Size: 17 x 24 cm // 6 3/4" x 9 1/2
Language: Latin

Out of Print. Nowhere to be found. Last one.

On Jan. 26th 1998, for the first time since 1614, the Vatican issued a revised rite of exorcism, making it the last of the church’s liturgical books to be updated after the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).

Following the trends in Catholic approaches to alleged cases of possession since the pontificate of Leo XIII in the nineteenth century, the new revision includes a warning not to confuse mental illness with demonic possession. It also removes several descriptions of Satan, which sat uncomfortably with the Church's doctrine, and states that the devil is "a spirit without body, without color and without odor."Although taking many forms, Satan as a metaphysical or spiritual being exists without real physical attributes, but only the assumed forms.

In the 2004 edition two chapters and two appendices were then added.
This is the 2013 reprint version.

A major exorcism can only be performed by a priest with the permission of his bishop after a thorough evaluation, including consulting with physicians or psychiatrists to rule out any psychological or physical illness behind the person’s behavior.

Signs of demonic possession accepted by the church include violent reaction to holy water or anything holy, speaking in a language the possessed person doesn’t know and abnormal displays of strength.

The full exorcism is held in private and includes sprinkling holy water, reciting Psalms, reading aloud from the Gospel, laying on of hands and reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Some adaptations are allowed for different circumstances. The exorcist can invoke the Holy Spirit then blow in the face of the possessed person, trace the sign of the cross on the person’s forehead and command the devil to leave.

Can be blessed on request by Pope Francis (during public blessing in St. Peter Square).

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