Vintage Medal - St. Hubert Cholera Protector - Saint Rocco - Hunters

A Great Medal - Blessed by Pope Francis - Really OLD

This is a vintage medal that I've acquired during my treasure hunting in estate sale. It's an old medal from France. Owned by Italian nun.

Blessed by Pope Francis.

This is a rare antique Saint Hubert - Saint Roch (aka Rocco) Catholic medal. This medal is extremely unique not just because of the Saints it has on it, but Saint Roch side it reads in French: "St Roch Préservez Nous Du Choléra." There was a huge Cholera outbreak in the 1830s in Europe, and considering the age of this medal that would most likely fit why it reads as it does. Not to mention that Saint Roch can be invoked against Cholera. When Roch and Hubert are paired together would make this a great healing medal.


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