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Holy Water - Blessed Water - St. Peter Basilica - Exorcism -Blessed

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How to get Holy Water from the Vatican online? How to get it in 3 days from ROME?

You are in the right place!

We do not offer imported holy water.
We offer authentic holy water from Rome.
We offer the REAL THING: Holy Water from Rome.
Content 15 ml -- 0.5 fl oz

If you are asking yourself: where can I get holy water, we are in the right place!
We ship free holy water from Rome, worldwide. We ship for free blessed water with UPS and we'll get it to you within 3-DAYS.
Stop searching for free holy water near me! Search for free holy water from the Vatican.

You'll receive our real holy water from the Vatican in the fastest way, directly from Rome, Italy: the capital of Catholicism.

We handpicked for you, made in Italy strong glass bottles, and we will fill them with blessed water directly from St. Peter's square. 

You can use blessed water for many purpose: use it for your own protection, to bless your home or for spiritual help.
Remember not to drink it!

Blessed water from the Vatican can be used to cleanse your homeStart with blessing each occupant present with a sprinkle of holy water on the head or draw a cross upon the forehead with holy water. Once you feel you are in a safe bubble of white light and blessed, you may commence the house cleansing.

Holy water blessed at the Vatican can be used to bless yourself, but can also used to bless your family, bless your car, bless your pets. You can do a sign of the Cross over your spouse and children before they go to sleep at night
For protection. There is no specific prayer to pray when using holy water, other than making the Sign of the Cross: just bring some always with you! 
For spiritual help, here is a simple prayer you can use: “By this holy water and by Your Precious Blood, wash away all my sins, O Lord. Amen.”
Otherwise there are many other uses of holy water:

✞ Use holy water for a baptims
✞ Use holy water for exorcism
✞ Use holy water to protect a house
✞ Use holy water for a haunted house
✞ Use holy water for warding off spirits
✞ Use holy water to banish demons

✞ Use holy water to bless your work space

A nice idea on how to use holy water is to gift it to your friends & loved ones.

These holy water bottles are usually gifted as favors for Holy Communion or Confirmation. You can create special gifts for any ceremony, but for sure they make the perfect first communion gifts for boy and girls.

The silver oxidized medallion on the holy water bottle depicts Pope Francis or the St. Peter's Basilica, but there are also other subjects available in our store. 

You can chose which you one you prefer, or a random one will be shipped.

Content 15 ml -- 0.5 fl oz bottle

It's a very special gift for you or for your loved ones. This is a rare item, that can be sourced only here in Rome, Italy. We are not based in the US, we are based in Rome, ITALY.

This water has been blessed during public blessing in Saint Peter by Pope Francis.

You can find holy water for sale on the web, but it is very unlikely that it is the real thing from Rome. If you are looking to buy holy water, we are the only ones that can help you when you are asking yourself: where to get holy water. We offer holy water for sale from Rome.

Comes with parchment with a prayer blessing by Pope Francis!

Compared to other products on the Internet, you can rest assured that our products are truly blessed by Pope Francis. Also, you can specifically ask for a certain item on our website to be blessed, as we are based in Rome, Italy.

Should you need to ship your items to us, we will gladly bring personal Catholic items to be blessed by the holy father. It's a free service that we offer to Catholics around the globe.

Due to the nature of the content, we are only selling the bottle with the subjects depicted here; we will fill the bottles after the sale so that the holy water inside comes free as a gift to you.

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