In need of selling your home? Turn to the patron saint of homeselling, St. Joseph-Catholically

In need of selling your home? Turn to the patron saint of homeselling, St. Joseph

Selling your home can be an arduous process. Depending on the state of real estate market in your area, it can take months, maybe even years, to sell a home. In the meantime, you may be stuck in financial limbo. You spend time anticipating offers and feeling disappointed when underwhelming offers or no offers come in. Your realtor may be trying their hardest to land you a good sell offer, but sometimes their efforts are not enough. 

How do I sell my house with St Joseph statue?

In addition to being the patron saint of workers, fathers, carpenters, the Universal Church and several other entities, St. Joseph also has helped many sell their home. How so? The St. Joseph home sale kit.

The St. Joseph home sale kit includes a small statue of St. Joseph and a prayer card. 

What is the prayer to St Joseph for selling a house?

The prayer card may read as such:

“O Lord, please come to my help, making haste to aid me Almighty Father. Giver of all wonderful gifts and God of mercy, I kneel before you in praise and honor, imploring you in your saints for your help in my abundant needs.As you have promised, those who ask shall receive, those who seek shall find, and those who knock will have doors opened before them. Dear Lord, please hear the prayers of my heart, granting my requests and pardoning my sins. Listen to the prayers of your church, Amen.

 O St. Joseph, genuine and fair,you raised Jesus with the care of a father. You served Mary and shared your life with her in holy marriage, giving her a husband’s love. I give to you my request, entrusting myself in your care and love. Long ago in peaceful Nazareth, you followed God’s will with devoted strength, after the Holy Spirit spoke into your heart.

And in the difficult choices I must make, in the silence of my days, aid me to follow the guidance of the Spirit, believing without sight. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen”

How to Use the St. Joseph Home Sale Kit

To accomplish a house sale with the help of the St. Joseph Home Sale Kit, follow these steps:

 Step #1: Bury the statue.

  • There’s multiple ways you can bury the statue. A common practice across the board is to bury the statue in a bag or cloth for the statue’s protection. Where and how you should bury it varies. Some opt to bury the statue near the “For Sale” sign in. Those that have no front yard opt to bury the statue in a flower pot. You may place the figure 12 inches deep into the ground. You can have the statue buried and facing the house or have the statue facing the road to signify you hope to be leaving the house soon. If you don’t feel comfortable burying the statue of a saint, you can place him in your home and point him in the direction of your “For Sale” sign.

 Step #2: Say the aforementioned prayer.

  • Some sources say to recite the prayer for 9 days after the burial of the statue. Others say to recite the prayer every day until the home sells. Do what you feel is right. 

Step #3: Sell your house!

Step #4: Dig up the statue once the home sells.

  • Once you’ve successfully sold your home, unbury the statue and place it in your home to bless your new home and to honor St. Joseph’s efforts on your behalf. It’s also believed that if you leave the statue buried, the house will be in a “cycle of sale,” meaning new occupants won’t stay long.

History of St. Joseph Helping to Sell Homes

You may be wondering “Does this actually work?” There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that points to “Yes.” 

The history of using representations of St. Joseph to sell or attain property goes back as far as the 16th century. During that time, St. Teresa of Avila needed land for another convent. She and her nuns buried medals of St. Joseph and prayed to him. With a short period of time, they obtained the land they needed for the convent.

Another example of burying St. Joseph to obtain property occurred in 1904.  Brother Andre Bessette wanted to build an Oratory to St. Joseph. He found the ideal place to build, but the landowners did not want to sell their property. Bessette buried St. Joseph medals on the property. Soon afterwards, the landowners relented.

Despite these two examples, not until 1979 did the practice of burying a St. Joseph statue to sell a home become popular. Since then, with a boom in popularity in the 1990s, people have successfully used the statue to land a home sale.

Some modern-day examples of the power of St. Joseph’s influence include two Youtubers: Loisa Dubickas and beingmommywithstyle -- and in the book St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent. 

Dubickas’ was fearful of selling her home. In Spain, where her house was located, the real estate economy was down. She brought a St. Joseph home selling kit and said the prayer for 9 days. Her home sold within two weeks. 

Like Dubickas’, Beingmommywithstyle utilized a St. Joseph house selling kit and used prayer card for a number of days.  She saw success in doing so with her previous two homes and saw the same success in her third home sale.

Dubickas’ and beingmommywithstyle are just two examples though. Many other examples can be found in the 2003 book St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent.

St. Jospeh statue

The practice of using St. Joseph to sell your home is not one of superstition despite some depicting it as such. According to the stories of many, the devoted see the fruits of their faithful prayers and practices. If you’re in need of selling your home and a true believer in the power of the Christian faith and saints, purchase a St. Joseph home selling kit as soon as possible. It’s advisable you still utilize a realtor, but the St. Joseph Home Selling Kit and the prayer card will help your selling journey.

What is your experience with St. Joseph helping you sell your home?

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