Catholically Today: Love, Pray, Write

St Christopher: A Hero of the Faith

September 12, 2020 0 min read

There is a significant story in which a child was being helped across by Christopher but he was abnormally heavy. It was with a lot of effort that Christopher got him to the other side, but the didn’t understand why the child was so heavy. 
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Our Lady's 15 Promises for Praying the Rosary

August 01, 2020 0 min read

The 15 promises were revealed by Our Blessed Mother to St. Dominic. It is amazing to realize how much grace and heavenly help we can receive by an act so simple as praying the rosary regularly. 
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Who is St. Catherine of Siena, the patroness of nurses

July 09, 2020 0 min read

St. Catherine of Siena: a wonderful role model for young women being brought up in the Catholic tradition of how women can lean into their faith and harness strength of God 
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Why do we Pray with Rosary Beads?

July 01, 2020 0 min read

In the 13th century, St. Dominic is said to have had the Blessed Virgin Mary appear to him and give him a rosary. She told him to make sure Christians pray.The purpose of the rosary beads is to count the number of prayers that you are going through

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Early Life of St Francis

June 07, 2020 0 min read

Francis was born to a religious mother that had him baptized named after John the Baptist. His father, on the other hand, wanted his son to be a businessman rather than a religious man. His life started like this between business and God.
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Who is St. Joseph: the father of Jesus Christ

May 29, 2020 0 min read

Joseph is the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the father of Jesus Christ so his role in that sense is important, but we should understand the background that he has in order to fully grasp how he fits into the lineage that led to our Savior.
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Why Is There A Tabernacle In Church?

April 03, 2020 0 min read

There are many things of great prominence and significance associated with the Christian faith. A tabernacle is one of those things. It can be found in churches all over the world.
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How Many Holy Sacraments are There? The Seven Sacraments

March 18, 2020 0 min read

In Catholic tradition, there are seven sacraments: Baptism, the Eucharist, Confirmation, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. Let's not forget the importance of observing the sacraments.
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Why is the St. Benedict medal so popular?

February 11, 2020 0 min read

The St. Benedict Medal is one of the most popular religious medals. On the front is an image of St. Benedict of Nursia, on the back are abbreviated Latin phrases paired with a cross.
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4 Things to remember when celebrating a Catholic Valentine's Day

February 01, 2020 0 min read

Valentine's Day is one of the most popular and exciting celebrations all over the globe-- and for a good reason. How can Catholic celebrate St. Valentine's day?
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How to Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet Novena

January 30, 2020 0 min read

7 STEPS to Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet Novena. The Divine Mercy isn’t just a novena. It can be prayed anytime you want as an individual prayer however praying it as a novena is ideal
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The True Meaning of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

January 22, 2020 0 min read

No Christian can deny the importance of Gospel – the central message of which is all about the mercy of God toward fallen mankind. God’s mercy is what caused him to become a man, die, and rise from the dead.
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