5 Christmas Tree Decorations Inspired by the Bible-Catholically

5 Christmas Tree Decorations Inspired by the Bible

There are many places where you can find inspiration for your Christmas tree design, but if you're looking for something new and unique this year, look no further: your bible has the answer.

The bible has always been the best source for daily inspiration, among other things. Unsurprisingly, it can also be the perfect source of inspiration for a 2021 Christmas tree design. This Christmas, look through the pages of the holy book for ornament ideas that you can hang, tie on, or pin to your Christmas tree.


Pure Tradition

Putting up a Christmas tree is an entirely cultural tradition. If this is not something you traditionally do, you can still adorn your home with these pieces, alongside your traditional nativity scene.

Doves on a Christmas tree



Next to a ball of fire or a beam of light, the dove is one of the most popular symbols of the Holy Spirit. Dove decor can come in all forms for the Christmas tree: craft stores often carry hanging dove decor, images of doves, while Christmas tree toppers can also come in the form of doves.


Tree wise men Christmas Ornament

Christmas Balls Depicting Pastoral Scenes

    Christmas balls are made of various materials. Throughout history, the market has been flooded with wooden balls, glass Christmas balls, as well as plastic ones. If it can be difficult to find hanging decor in the shape of shepherds and angels, you can always opt for

    Like Christmas balls, beads made of Venetian glass can depict beautiful shapes and objects, as well. You, too, can match the decor on your Christmas tree with this  Murrina Venetian glass bracelet. A rosary formed by beautiful Murrina beads, this bracelet can be a beautiful religious article to have nearby and also adds a splash of color to your attire.

    Led Candles tree ornamentLED candles

      Historically, Christmas tree were adorned with real candles, but doing this today would be unsafe. If you want to revive an ancient tradition this year, consider safer alternatives such as LED candles. These are also known as flameless electric candles in the market and online.



        Like the true star that led the Magi to the manger in Bethlehem, don't forget to top your Christmas tree with this classic: a bright star. These aren't hard to find, but if you want to make your Christmas tree pop, there are LED star variations available these days.





        Angels and Saints

          Although putting up Christmas decor is a borrowed tradition from Ancient Romans who woulVatican Christmas Treed use green trees during the winter solstice and it predates Christianity, by the 16th century  the custom of the Christmas tree developed as "devout Christians (bringing) decorated trees into their homes," according to History.com by 1982, Pope John Paul II formally introduced the Christmas tree custom to the Vatican.


          Images of Angels and Saints are classic adornmentsents to add in your home for just about any religious Catholic tradition. If you’d like to keep your Christmas decorations tasteful and timeless, scattering paintings or pictures of Angels and the Saints around your home alongside the Advent wreath can be one way to do just that. 


          Angels are God's messengers. They appear several times in Scripture and continue to protect us today as each person has his or her own guardian angel.  Angels symbolize God's presence, and remind us of obedience to Him and praise of Him.

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