How to Celebrate the Holy Month of the Rosary-Catholically

How to Celebrate the Holy Month of the Rosary

How to Celebrate the Holy Month of the Rosary

This week, we officially kick off the Month of the Rosary with the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7th. For Marian devotees, this month is an important time to show one's dedication and gratefulness to the miraculous work, presence of, and intercessions by Mother Mary.
For other Catholics who may have forgotten how to celebrate this Holy month, we've prepared a brief checklist of prayers, items, and preparations to take note of so you can get back into the habit of praying the rosary daily.

Returning to the Habit of Praying the Rosary

The best time to start praying the rosary was yesterday; the next best time is now. 
Ideally, the Catholic faithful are expected to pray the rosary daily, with family and friends. Unfortunately, for many people, coming together as one community for the rosary can be difficult. While praying the rosary can be done individually, the prayers that comprise the rosary do prove that it is a community activity, one that intends to bring Catholics together.
In place of your family and friends, strive to pray the rosary with your church community. Most churches dedicate an hour to praying the rosary everyday; find out what your local church has planned for the October rosary prayers, and seek to be present for every mass. Soon enough, your rosary-companions today will become family in the future. Isn't it wonderful how prayer and devotion bring people together?
Personally, we've found that praying the rosary every morning, as soon as you wake up, is the best time to offer your praises to Our Almighty Father, as well as the best way to prepare for the day ahead. The calming effect of praying the rosary (or any form of early morning prayer) may be equated to an hour spent in deep meditation. Prayer, like meditation, aims to calm the mind, heart, and body, so not only is it pleasing to the Father, it is good for one's spirit, too.

Choosing a Rosary

 Once you have mentally and emotionally prepared yourself for the series of rosary prayers for this month, it's time to find a rosary, which you will hopefully keep forever.
Choosing a rosary can be an exciting time, especially if you want to own a prayer item that matches your personality or interests. While a rosary is not essentially a piece of jewelry, it can be used as an extension of your personality or as a means of expression. Take a peek at the Catholically collection of rosaries, and see if there is a beautiful rosary that speaks to you. With over hundreds of rosaries to choose from, our collection will surely have something for you.
Prayers to Remember
We've covered this in our previous blog post, "How to Pray the Rosary," but since we promised a crash course this time around, here's a quick review of prayers you need to remember:
1. The Apostles Creed
2. Our Father
3. Hail Mary
4. Glory Be
5. Hail Holy Queen
If you can't memorize all the mysteries and prayers, carry a small chaplet or prayer book with you, and you will remember these five essential prayers in no time. 

Gift a Rosary

If you find it hard to find a social circle that prays the rosary diligently in your area, create one instead. Start off by gifting rosaries to friends and family who may have mentioned that they need to pray more, but have not received the right kind of motivation to get started. A new rosary just might be the motivation they need!
On this blessed season, may you find the inspiration to make praying the rosary a habit, not just for this month, but for every day the Lord blesses you with. 
Wooden Rosary
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