Prayer to Our Lady of Good Health (aka Our Lady of Velankanni)-Catholically

Prayer to Our Lady of Good Health (aka Our Lady of Velankanni)

If you are suffering from some type of illness, ask help from Our Lady of Good Health. This saint is the protector of the sick. All over the world, millions of people obtain the help of Our Lady of Good Health to ask Our Lord Jesus Christ for their prompt recuperation.


O Mary ! Our Mother of Health, and our Heavenly Queen, seated on your throne of mercy and compassion in your Holy Shrine at Velankanni, we praise and honour you to be our refuge and our relief.

Numberless are the sick who have recovered health through your intercession. Relying on your power and goodness, we come to you and implore you to heal our infirmities and to obtain for us perfect health of body and soul, that we may better be able to serve you and your divine Son.

At all times, you have been the help and consolation of the infirm. You obtain for them health when it is conducive to their salvation. You assist them at the time of their death. Help us then, O most amiable Mother and obtain for us cure from all our sufferings, or patience to endure them in the spirit of resignation agreeable to God’s Holy Will, so that all our trials and sufferings may help to purify our souls and help us to detach ourselves from all earthly ties. Amen

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Priez pour nièce Anna qui attend un enfant et qui a été hospitalisée !
Faites que le travail se déroule bien et qu’elle accouche dans de meilleures conditions ! Amen


Je remersi Notre bame


Je prie pour la santé et la guerison de patrice


Prions pour la santé de Victor et la guérison du genou d Éric. Merci

Dalleau Annie

Je prie pour la santé et la paix

Jacques Clifford Galais

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