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The Miracle Prayer - Jesus will listen to you

The Power of "The Miracle Prayer" in Daily Life

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to get lost in the daily grind and forget the profound impact of a moment of quiet reflection and prayer. One prayer that stands out for its simplicity and depth is "The Miracle Prayer." This prayer isn't just a ritual; it is a heartfelt call to transform your life through faith and surrender.

"The Miracle Prayer" invites you to speak with Jesus every day, expressing your true feelings and desires, regardless of your current state of mind or emotions. It’s a prayer that doesn't ask for perfection but rather sincerity. It encourages you to come before Jesus just as you are, acknowledging your faults and seeking forgiveness not only from Jesus but also extending it to others who have wronged you.

By renouncing Satan and evil, and dedicating yourself to Jesus, you open up a pathway for transformation. This isn't about temporary changes, but profound, soul-deep healing and strengthening that encompasses body, soul, and spirit. Through this prayer, you invite Jesus to heal and change you in ways that are both visible and invisible.

The prayer culminates with an invocation of divine protection and guidance, asking Jesus to cover you with His Precious Blood and fill you with His Holy Spirit. It’s a pledge of love and devotion, acknowledging Jesus not only as a savior but as a daily companion and leader.

Additionally, the prayer does not end with Jesus; it includes a plea for support from Mary, the Mother of Peace, and all the saints and angels. This communal aspect reminds us that we are not alone in our spiritual journey. There is a celestial support system always ready to assist us through our trials and triumphs.

Engaging with "The Miracle Prayer" daily allows you to step back from the chaos of life and realign with your spiritual goals. It promises that when you truly mean each word with all your heart and soul, Jesus will listen and respond in a very special way. This prayer is a beacon of hope for anyone seeking a deeper connection with the divine and a more fulfilled life.

Incorporate "The Miracle Prayer" into your daily routine and observe how it transforms you. Let it be your spiritual anchor that brings more peace, strength, and joy into your life. Remember, the miracle lies in your sincerity and faith.


The Miracle Prayer

Say this prayer faithfully, every day, no matter how you feel. When you come to the point where you sincerely mean each word with all your heart and soul, then Jesus will change your whole life in a very special way. Jesus will listen to you!


Lord Jesus, I come before Thee, just as I am, I am sorry for my sins, I repent of my sins, please forgive me. In Thy Name, I forgive all others for what they have done against me. I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all their works. I give Thee my entire self, Lord Jesus, I accept Thee as my Lord God and Savior. Heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, soul, and spirit.

Come, Lord Jesus, cover me with Thy Precious Blood, and fill me with Thy Holy Spirit, I love Thee Lord Jesus, I praise Thee Lord Jesus, I thank Thee Jesus, I shall follow Thee every day of my life. Amen.

Mary, My Mother, Queen of Peace, all the Angels and Saints, please help me.



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Frequently Asked Questions About 'The Miracle Prayer'

1. What is 'The Miracle Prayer'? "The Miracle Prayer" is a heartfelt plea for personal transformation, forgiveness, and divine protection. It calls upon Jesus Christ to heal and guide the individual, offering a deep spiritual connection and commitment to follow Him daily.

2. How often should I say 'The Miracle Prayer'? It is recommended to recite "The Miracle Prayer" faithfully every day. Consistent prayer helps to deepen your sincerity and strengthens your relationship with Jesus, facilitating personal transformation.

3. Why is it important to mean every word of 'The Miracle Prayer'? Sincerity in prayer is crucial. When you sincerely mean each word with all your heart and soul, it opens up a genuine dialogue with Jesus, allowing for true spiritual intervention and change in your life.

4. Can 'The Miracle Prayer' help me if I am struggling with forgiveness? Yes, part of "The Miracle Prayer" involves asking for forgiveness for your own sins and extending forgiveness to others. This can be particularly healing and is a fundamental step towards personal peace and spiritual growth.

5. What role does the Holy Spirit play in 'The Miracle Prayer'? In "The Miracle Prayer," you ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is seen as a source of strength, guidance, and comfort, helping you to overcome challenges and encouraging you to live according to God's will.

6. Who are the other figures mentioned in 'The Miracle Prayer'? Besides Jesus, the prayer mentions Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace, and all the Angels and Saints. These figures are invoked for additional support, guidance, and intercession in your spiritual journey.

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Bitte lieber Gott Engel und verstorbene gebt mir schwierige Lage sauber sonst weiter beten.amen

Hilger vicky

Lieber Gott, heilige Maria Mutter gottes bitte helft mit in meinen schweren Tagen vergibt mir meine Fehler die ich getan habe und noch tun werde, bitte beschützt meine Familie von bösen Menschen, Krankheiten und Unfälle. Bitte erhört meine Gebete.

Ebru Coskunoglu

jesus! i am very lonely and have no one to turn to .
please bring me also the right person.


Jesus I am very very lonely and have nobody to turn to. Please bring me the right person. Amen


Please pray for my son to get his children back from family court because they are being hurt by their mother. Please pray with me I am their grandmother.

Mirella Lia

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