What the Tertium Millennium Cross Meaning Is-Catholically

What the Tertium Millennium Cross Meaning Is

What the Tertium Millennium Cross Meaning Is and Other Important Facts You Should Know About It


One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to buying spiritual accessories is what the tertium millennium cross is? The answer to such a deep question can be nothing but intricate, given the fact that each person may interpret information differently. Some people may wear the tertium millennium cross simply because it is beautiful, and it is part of their religion, while others might find salvation in such a tiny piece of accessory.

A considerable part of Catholics wear the tertium millennium cross without being aware of the powerful meaning about it. This article exists to end the never-ending confusion that resides around this topic, by answering the most common questions: what the tertium millennium cross meaning is, where it all started, what is the story behind it, why should you wear it, and others. Keep reading to find out more about this topic and give meaning to your beautiful accessory.

Tertium Millenium Cross

Tertium Millenium Meaning

The words “tertium millennium” come from the third millennium after Christ. This is the first thing you should know when buying such a crucifix. In 2000 AD, Pope John Paul II wrote a letter named “Tertio Millenio Adveniente”, which was meant to proclaim the Holy Year for Christians. Since then, people praise the tertium millennium by wearing crucifix pendants that were released with the celebration of martyrdom. The latter word refers to the suffering of death that a person goes through for a specific cause related to faith.

The word “martyrdom” comes from “witness” and – in the Catholic faith – it refers to praising the belief that Christ suffered and died for people. The spiritual rationale behind the tertium millennium can be interpreted in various ways and each Christian can give it a different meaning. Pope John Paul II did not forget to emphasize the witnesses’ role in our Church and carefully described martyrdom in some of his sayings. He called martyrdom the deepest proof of faith that is meant to give people power in moments when they doubt themselves or when they suffer unimaginable pains.

The story

In Christianity, one of the stories that stir interest among Christians has to do with how they could express God’s eternity better. Wearing a crucifix or other spiritual accessories does help, but not without knowing exactly what the meaning behind that accessory is. The same goes for the tertium millennium cross that many people wear with their rosaries without knowing much about it.

First of all, it is important to understand why rosaries are so special. Each bead in your rosary should remind you of an event in the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary. The rosary itself is meant to help Catholics pray the most common prayers – Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be. The rosary beads can help to keep track of the prayers based on different events. Also, rosary beads are usually accompanied by a cross, a crucifix, a medal or larger beads. In this situation, the rosary will consist of the beads and the tertium millennium crucifix.

The tertium millennium crucifix is meant to express God’s eternity. One way to do that is by using the first and last letter of the Greek letters Alpha & Omega, which are often placed on the back of the cross. The combination between Alpha & Omega signifies perfection, and it means that Christ is both the first and the last. Oftentimes, these attributes are also related to truth and goodness. Therefore, we can say that the tertium millennium cross is here to remind people all over the world that God is there from the very beginning and until the very end and that they should always praise the great divine attributes.

The effect

Wearing a tertium millennium crucifix can change a person’s overall mood. Making the difference between cross and crucifix is required here, even though both practices are followed. A cross is exactly what the name says it – a cross, as an instrument. The crucifix, on the other hand, reminds Catholics of Jesus and his ultimate act of martyrdom that justifies God’s love for people. Wearing a crucifix and gazing at it in times of distress should remind the person who wears it about God’s goodness and love, both for the world and for yourself, as a wearer.

What is different about the tertium millennium crucifix compared to other types is that it reminds you that God’s presence is never-ending. He surrounds you and helps you go through your day, as long as He is close to you. Wearing a crucifix should also remind you of the challenges Christ went through and motivate you to go further, no matter how difficult your hardships may seem. Thus, the crucifix becomes a sign of discipleship and inspiration, that helps you contemplate on your own decisions and follow the footsteps of Christ when the times seem dark.

People also wear spiritual accessories in order for other fellow Christians to see it. The power of fraternity is very important, as people can share their mutual love for God and surround themselves with people who respect the same values. Talking about spirituality with people who share the same opinion can be liberating and wearing a tertium millennium crucifix can be the best conversation starter.

Final word

Now that you know what the tertium millennium signifies, it’s paramount to understand that motivation to wear one comes from within. There is no article, book or person who can give meaning to your crucifix and rosary other than yourself. Make sure that you get informed about the story behind the spiritual accessories you would like to carry around with you each day before anything else. Having an idea about their meaning will help you find the required strength and motivation in it. Choose a tertium millennium crucifix and wear it in combination with your preferred rosary.

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Tertium Millenium Cross

As we've explored the profound meanings and stories behind the Tertium Millennium Cross, it's clear that this symbol carries a weight far beyond its physical form. Its significance touches on the very essence of faith, tradition, and personal spiritual journey. It's natural for such a rich topic to spark questions and a desire for deeper understanding. In recognition of this, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to further illuminate the Tertium Millennium Cross and its place in our lives.

Whether you're considering making this powerful symbol a part of your spiritual practice or simply wish to learn more, these FAQs aim to enrich your knowledge and connection to this enduring symbol of faith.


1. What is the significance of the Alpha & Omega symbols on the Tertium Millennium Cross?

Answer: The Alpha & Omega symbols on the Tertium Millennium Cross have deep theological significance within Christianity. These symbols represent the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet and are used to signify that Christ is the beginning and the end (Revelation 22:13). This symbolism is meant to express the eternal nature of God and affirm that Christ encompasses all things, from creation to the end of time. By incorporating these symbols on the Tertium Millennium Cross, it serves as a reminder of God's omnipresence and the completeness of His divine nature.

2. How does wearing a Tertium Millennium Cross affect an individual's faith and daily life?

Answer: Wearing a Tertium Millennium Cross can have a profound impact on an individual's faith and daily life by serving as a constant reminder of God's love, presence, and the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ. It is not just a piece of jewelry but a symbol of discipleship and a tool for meditation and reflection. For believers, it can inspire them to live a life that emulates Christ's teachings, reminding them to overcome challenges with faith and to show love and compassion towards others. It also serves as a form of spiritual support, helping individuals to feel connected to their faith and the Christian community throughout their daily activities.

3. Why is it important to understand the story and meaning behind the Tertium Millennium Cross before wearing it?

Answer: Understanding the story and meaning behind the Tertium Millennium Cross before wearing it is crucial because it transforms the cross from a mere accessory into a meaningful expression of faith. Knowledge of its origins, significance, and the values it represents deepens the wearer's connection to their faith, making it a source of strength, inspiration, and contemplation. It encourages a more mindful approach to faith, where the wearer is not only reminded of the historical and spiritual significance of the cross but is also motivated to reflect on their personal beliefs and relationship with God. This understanding fosters a more profound respect and appreciation for the symbol, enhancing its role as a tool for spiritual reflection and growth.

 Tertium Millenium Cross

We hope this exploration into the Tertium Millennium Cross has enriched your understanding and deepened your connection to our shared Christian heritage. This powerful symbol is but one facet of the vast spiritual landscape we navigate in our faith journey.

For more insights, stories, and discussions on the myriad aspects of spirituality and how they intersect with our daily lives, we invite you to continue your exploration with us. Discover a world of faith, tradition, and inspiration by visiting our blog at Catholically.com. Join us as we delve deeper into the treasures of our faith, seeking wisdom and guidance for the modern believer.

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I offered to help a lady Unload her grocery cart today. No one ever says yes but she did. When I was done she asked me if I was Christian and gave these crosses. Said there been blessed. I had no idea until I looked closer at them. I don’t know who she is but…right here right now my life is a storm..
She is her way saved me.

Jesus Christ have mercy on me


I thought one was not supposed to “wear” a Rosary?


Excelente hace rato lo uso y hasta ahora se el significado, gracias Dios los bendiga.

Miguel Guillermo Lugo nasser

Love, honor, protection. Peace


Michelle, you are never alone. The great army of Saints, your guardian angel, our Lady are always with you.
I will pray for you!

Dudley Owen

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