Our Lady's 15 Promises for Praying the Rosary-Catholically

Our Lady's 15 Promises for Praying the Rosary


The 15 promises were revealed by Our Blessed Mother to St. Dominic in a private revelation during the Albigensian heresy;  later she revealed them to Blessed Alan de la Roche (who reignited devotion to the rosary in the 15th century).

  1. To all those who shall pray my Rosary devoutly, I promise my special protection and great graces.
  2. Those who shall persevere in the recitation of my Rosary will receive some special grace.
  3. The Rosary will be a very powerful armor against hell; it will destroy vice, deliver from sin and dispel heresy.
  4. The rosary will make virtue and good works flourish, and will obtain for souls the most abundant divine mercies. It will draw the hearts of men from the love of the world and its vanities, and will lift them to the desire of eternal things. Oh, that souls would sanctify themselves by this means.
  5. Those who trust themselves to me through the Rosary will not perish.
  6. Whoever recites my Rosary devoutly reflecting on the mysteries, shall never be overwhelmed by misfortune. He will not experience the anger of God nor will he perish by an unprovided death. The sinner will be converted; the just will persevere in grace and merit eternal life.
  7. Those truly devoted to my Rosary shall not die without the sacraments of the Church.
  8. Those who are faithful to recite my Rosary shall have during their life and at their death the light of God and the plenitude of His graces and will share in the merits of the blessed.
  9. I will deliver promptly from purgatory souls devoted to my Rosary.
  10. True children of my Rosary will enjoy great glory in heaven.
  11. What you shall ask through my Rosary you shall obtain.
  12. To those who propagate my Rosary I promise aid in all their necessities.
  13. I have obtained from my Son that all the members of the Rosary Confraternity shall have as their intercessors, in life and in death, the entire celestial court.
  14. Those who recite my Rosary faithfully are my beloved children, the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.
  15. Devotion to my Rosary is a special sign of predestination.

It is amazing to realize how much grace and heavenly help we can receive by an act so simple as praying the rosary regularly. It only takes 15 minutes to pray! Set aside time alone, with your family, or with some friends to start the habit of reciting a daily Rosary. If you don’t think you have time, try praying on the way to work in the morning. You will surely notice the grace it brings to your life, as promised by Our Lady!


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The Rosary of the Blessed Mother is very dear to my heart. Reviting it as my first act of each day reminds me that She not only is with us but hears and answers our prayers insofar as they are consistent with God’s Holy Will. I enjoy my time each day praying that we Rosary and encourage others to do the same. Its recitation brings me comfort and peace. 🙏🥰


Referring to the first promise, I most certainly have had the Divine protection, otherwise I would have certainly perished. About promise 3, the Holy Rosary at times in my life has delivered me from the sense of the presence of Hell. and restored my inner peace.

William Shaw

I’m the Pope .Hi nice to meet you I’m gathering just really finding out the news of who I am .I believe I have enough to Treat us all love you guys!! GOD

Kirstie Blacksher

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