The True Meaning of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy-Catholically

The True Meaning of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

The True Meaning of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

No Christian can deny the importance of Gospel – the central message of which is all about the mercy of God toward fallen mankind. God’s mercy is what caused him to become a man, die, and rise from the dead. His only desire is to win mercy and compassion for his beloved children.

On the other hand, the children of God easily forget him – as they engage themselves in their busy lives. Some people dip themselves deeply in the hustle and bustle of daily lives – and forget the mercy of God.

This is why in today’s article, we will talk about the true meaning of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. It is important that you read this post in a thorough manner so that you grasp all the necessary information that would help you seek the mercy of God. Read on!


The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy – History

St. Faustyna

Saint Faustina received God’s vision through an angel in 1935. The vision was about chastising a certain city. After receiving the mercy, she began to pray for compassion and mercy of God. However, her prayers were not powerful.

However, she saw the Holy Trinity as well as felt the grace of Jesus, which was so powerful that it soothed her mind. She found herself in a situation where she would plead with God for kindness, sympathy, and forgiveness with words she heard.  

She continued to recite the prayer due to which the angel became couldn’t give the deserved punishment.

On the next day, when St. Faustina was entering the chapel, she heard the interior voice again, which instructed her about the prayer and how could she recite it. Later, God called it the “Chaplet.”

In subsequent revelations from God, it was made clear that the Chaplet of Divine Mercy was not only meant for her, but for the whole world and for people who want to seek mercy and compassion. The lord likewise attached extraordinary promises to the recitation of the chaplet. 

Benefits of Reciting the Chaplet

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is a simple prayer – yet so powerful that God will send his mercy immediately. According to the Catholic Church, the essence of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is remarkable in its great simplicity.

However, it is important to know that the Chaplet is a simple and easy-to-understand summary of the Gospel message, which was preached by Jesus Christ himself when he adopted the human form and came to earth.

Chaplet of the Divine Mercy

When you recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, you actually ask the Lord to send His mercy upon you and upon everyone living in the world. According to the diary of St. Faustina, she had a vision in which God sent an angel to destroy a city. However, when she started praying the Chaplet, the angel had no power to carry out his task.

You can understand the significance of the Chaplet from the vision of St. Faustina. So, reciting it will protect you from all the evils. Even if you have committed grave sins, you can recite this prayer in order to ask God to bestow upon you his compassion and mercy.

The mercy of God satiates and calms his wrath as well as unleashes the floodgates of Lord’s mercy upon you. As a Christian, you must understand the significance of the mercy of Jesus – your Lord. In this regard, the church wants you to fully comprehend the mercy and kindness of the Lord with heart.

The world today seems to be witnessing escalating levels of fear, violence, and hatred, which challenge every each day. According to the Bible, there is great importance to Mercy. It matters because all of us need forgiveness.

If you are facing hardships of life, want to come out the hustle and bustle of daily life, have positive relationship with your family members, desire to earn a lot of money, etc. you would work hard for all these things – but according to the Christian belief, you can’t achieve all these things unless and until you have the mercy of Lord upon you.

So, in order to protect yourself from the evils of the spiritual world and from the evils of this world, one of the best prayers is the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which not only guard you against the demons and Satan but also keep you under the Divine mercy of the Lord.


In today’s era, we are living hectic lives. The world that once was peaceful has become chaotic. All of this can cause confusion, which can confuse our minds and taint our souls. As a result, we will live a depressing life – full of confusion, fear, and chaos.

Amidst the confusion and chaos, the soul yearns for clarity and peace. So, there is something about the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which can settle the mind and heart. This prayer reaches down deep into the soul and puts the person at ease. God Bless!

 If you are interested exploring how to pray the chaplet, read on!

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I love to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy everyday to ask healing and forgiveness

Jennifer thorsness

This Prayer was introduced to me by my Sister. In another painful time . In me life. I would cry through the whole Prayer. I still do. My belly Jesus he went through so much to save us . From the whole world. I see our world and think in me heart . Lord Jesus you are good to us . Why can’t we be Good back to You. So I love this Prayer. I thank St. Faustina for her obedience. Amen

Diane McGinnis

This is so beautiful I was saying the prayer as I’m watching my mother dying in front m and my sister.

Donna Zuvic

After praying the Chaplet of Diving Mercy; I continue and pray for others by repeating “For the sake of His Sorrowful passion, have mercy on (NAME person) and on the whole world.” I hope and pray that this is acceptable to the Lord our God. In this way I pray for others’ my wife, my children, my siblings, our leaders, etc..

Edgar Davis

I tell all persons I meet about this powerful prayer.

Delores Lopez

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