7 Blessed Ways to Use Holy Water, a Powerful Sacramental-Catholically

7 Blessed Ways to Use Holy Water, a Powerful Sacramental

If you have always associated Holy Water with priestly blessings and prayer preparations, you'd be surprised to know that Holy Water can be used in many ways, and not just by members of the clergy. Members of the laity, the faithful, and basically anyone who seeks God's protection and mercy can benefit from using Holy Water in their daily lives. Holy water is a powerful Sacramental!
Here are seven reasons why you should have a vial of Holy Water at home or close to your body everyday.


1. Expel the devil from your home or surroundings

Priests themselves use holy water to expel evil elements during various blessed occasions, including exorcisms. Despite not being a priest, you too can utilize holy water to rid your home or immediate surroundings using holy water and a protection prayer. In times of weakness or temptation, recite a protection prayer through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, or your own prayer. The Lord's Prayer or Gloria Patri may also suffice as a comforting prayer to say in times of fear and uncertainty.
You can bless your home from all sorts of evils, both seen and unseen with holy water. Depending on the severity of the situation, expelling evil or malicious vibes from your own dwelling is something you can do without the need of a priest. For more serious or dangerous situations, however, consider calling on a priest to assist you.


2. Overcome temptations and fears

While holy water is often depicted as something you sprinkle around you, it can be used simply as a religious effect like a crucifix or rosary. You can hold on to it, like you would a rosary or a religious medal when praying, or you can add it to your altar. Most home altars do not have a vial of holy water nearby due to the difficulty of procuring holy water (some parishes may not hand them out to the lay members of the church and community unless there is a special reason), so you can consider yourself truly blessed if you can affix a small, blessed vial of holy water to your altar at home.


3. Use as a blessing oil where it hurts

While holy water does not share the consistency of oil (or any healing balm), it can still be used as a blessing "oil." If you feel the source of your afflictions come from an evil entity, or if you yearn for faster healing from your physical pain, apply a drop or two of holy water on the part of your body that hurts, and lightly massage it. You may recite a prayer for good health interceded through Saint Raphael the Archangel while you massage the area, or recite any common prayer calling upon God's healing and deliverance.


4. Pray with holy water nearby to create a more relaxing experience

Holy water does not always have to be used in order to be appreciated. It may be kept in an open vial, vase, or bowl to remind you of the Holy Spirit's presence. According to many therapists, the sight of water can also induce a relaxing sensation, and if you'd like to create a calm environment when you pray, make sure you have holy water poured into an open container nearby.


5. Make it a habit to dip your fingers in holy water before praying

Another thing you can do to make your prayer sessions feel more solemn and holy is to replicate the same habits you would likely do at church. For one, you can pour holy water into a small vessel or a stoup, so you can dip your fingers into it before you make the sign of the cross every time you pray at home. If you want to feel more connected to your prayers, to the Holy Spirit, and to the Father, look into doing bringing your habits from the church to your home.


6. Bless your home or family.

Holy water is not just a religious effect you may use to ward off evil. Holy water is something you may also use to bless your environment, including your home and people. Depending on the parish you belong to, you may want to ask if you can bless your home, room, or family by yourself whenever you pray. Some parishes may reserve the right to bless homes or people for priests only, but some parishes are more lenient and may allow you to use Holy Water over your family if it makes you feel safer and more connected with the Father.


7. Use as an effective weapon in the event of spiritual warfare.

In cases of spiritual emergencies, the best weapon you can use to fight back malignant thoughts and forces, both seen and unseen, is Holy Water. It helps to have a small vial of Holy Water on your person at all times, if you are unable to carry a cross, crucifix, or a small religious medal. If you feel you are being overwhelmed by temptation or any representation of evil, pour a drop or two of Holy Water on your fingertips and make the sign of the cross. What makes Holy Water an even more unique religious item is the fact that it can be shared. A small vial of Holy Water can go a long ways, so if you find a friend in need of spiritual strength, share your Holy Water with them.
If there's one takeaway you should never forget from this quick rundown of ways to use Holy Water, it's this: Holy Water is not limited to priests alone, and anyone in need of its benefits are always free and welcome to utilize it.


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Si mon ami n’a plus d’eau sainte dans sa fiole, et que je lui en offre un peu, et qu’il complète la fiole par de l’eau minérale, a-t-elle encore des propriétés saintes ?

Christophe Martin

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