Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Catholic Moms-Catholically

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Catholic Moms

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and you know what this means: it's time to shop around for gifts for your mom. For Catholic moms, the best gifts are often those that bear religious meaning and value, like prayer books, bibles, and rosaries, but if these are the same gifts you got her last year, it's time for something new.

Is your mom a Padre Pio or a Marian devotee? Our catalog contains beautiful, relic items (authentic items that once belonged to, or were touched by a saint) from saints, former popes, and other important personalities in Church history.

Apart from relics and other blessed items, here are other ideas for you to consider:

Pio Relic Rosary

A Prayer Card

A prayer or a holy card  is often a blessed, laminate card that bears a prayer from a saint, or a message from Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, or the Pope. Prayer cards come in all forms and sizes, and its contents may vary. The Prayer Card that you will find in out catalog has unique features of its own.
Aside from coming with an authentic prayer or devotion, our prayer or holy cards are also blessed and often come with a 2nd-class relic  or an Ex-indumentis. These items are blessed items that were once owned or touched by the saint or Pope.

Pope Francis Prayer Card 

Unique Rosaries

Your Catholic mom might already have quite of a collection of rosaries on her own but it's never a bad thing to keep gathering rosaries for praying with. Rosaries are what most Catholics call "classic gifts." Even if you already have one, more rosaries are always welcome.

Since it's Mother's Day, you might want to consider giving a rosary bracelet this time around, or any of our Cloisonne-bead rosaries.


Miraculous Medals

Miraculous medals, like rosaries, are commonly found in Catholic homes, so your mother might have a few medals dedicated to religious figures she is a devotee of. If you would like to add to her collection, however, a new miraculous medal will definitely be appreciated.

Miraculous Medal 

An Original Prayer Penned for Your Mother

Nothing beats originality, especially when something original is given as a gift. If you like writing, or if you are the creative type who wants to create something unique for Mother’s Day, consider writing an original prayer for your mother on a card or special stationery and offer that as a gift instead. This is an affordable option if you don’t have a huge budget for Mother’s Day.


Classic Gifts: Roses or Your Mom's Favorite Flowers

Not only are roses the perfect gifts for Mother's Day, they are often easy to source on this day, however, they may come at a premium. Most mothers may expect roses on this day, or flowers of their choice, so you can never go wrong with giving your mom roses on this day. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that roses are nothing out of the ordinary. If you want Mother's Day to be memorable this year, think of giving your mom an equally memorable gift.

What makes these gift ideas even better than heatless curlers :-) is that they are not only suitable for Mother's Day. They can be your go-to gifts for any occasion where gifts are customary.

On that note, may you have heavenly guidance on picking the right Mother's Day gift and may your mother be blessed!

Rose Bunch

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