Understanding the Elegance and Devotion Behind Gold Vermeil Medals at Catholically.com

Understanding the Elegance and Devotion Behind Gold Vermeil Medals at Catholically.com

Gold vermeil, pronounced "ver-may," is not just a term for a type of jewelry; it's a symbol of quality and craftsmanship. This high-quality gold plating over sterling silver ensures that pieces like the St. Michael Archangel vermeil medal from Catholically.com are not only beautiful but also durable and meaningful.

The Holy Face of Jesus vermeil medal, featuring the revered image on a 925 sterling silver base and a lustrous gold plating, embodies the deep religious significance and the high standards of vermeil. Similarly, the Guardian Angel Silver 925 Medal, with its 24K gold plating, serves as a blessed protector in the form of jewelry.

Vermeil is legally regulated, requiring a base of sterling silver and a gold plating of at least 2.5 microns, ensuring the longevity and value of your devotional items. 

Gold vermeil's allure is not only in its radiant appearance but also in its composition and process. At Catholically.com, vermeil takes on a deeper meaning, merging the time-honored beauty of gold with the sanctity of religious emblems. The result is a collection of medals that are not merely accessories but cherished spiritual companions.

Vermeil is distinguished by its thick layer of gold over a solid sterling silver base, meeting rigorous standards for thickness and purity. Each St. Michael medal or Guardian Angel charm from our collection exemplifies this tradition, featuring a substantial layer of gold that is a minimum of 2.5 microns thick over a base of sterling silver, ensuring that the piece is both precious and lasting.

This substantial gold layer is what gives vermeil its esteemed status, standing out from standard gold-plated jewelry which often uses a thinner coating and less noble metals as a base. Our vermeil medals are thus a testament to quality and durability, designed to endure not only as a physical keepsake but as a lasting symbol of faith and protection.

Catholically.com's vermeil medals are more than just jewelry; they are a touchstone of faith, crafted with the intent to carry the wearer's prayers and serve as a constant reminder of divine presence and protection. With vermeil, you receive the aesthetic of solid gold and the assurance of sterling silver, a true melding of beauty and strength reflective of the spiritual significance they bear.

In essence, gold vermeil stands at the intersection of divine artistry and human craftsmanship, a fitting tribute to the patrons and protectors that these medals represent. Embrace the rich tradition and exceptional quality of gold vermeil at Catholically.com, where every medal is a sacred work of art.

This is what sets apart the vermeil offerings at Catholically.com, where each piece is crafted in Italy and can be blessed by Pope Francis, adding a unique layer of spiritual value​.

Discover the serene beauty and divine protection with our 18mm Guardian Angel Medal, a perfect gift for a newborn, or feel the strength and guidance of St. Michael Medal, the Patron of Police, with our finely crafted medal, available for just $114.99 USD. And for those seeking a direct connection with the divine, our Holy Face of Jesus Medal, priced at $129.99 USD, serves as a powerful emblem of faith.


Each piece comes with the promise of free Priority Air Mail shipping from Rome, with an option to upgrade to UPS for expedited delivery. Moreover, Catholically.com is committed to satisfaction through hassle-free exchanges and returns within 60 days of purchase​.

At Catholically.com, we honor the tradition of gold vermeil in each piece we offer, ensuring that you receive not just an accessory, but a token of faith that holds profound meaning and a connection to the Holy See.

Experience the allure and devotion encapsulated in gold vermeil at Catholically.com.

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