Holy Water Blessed by Pope Francis - Get Holy Water St. Peter Basilica

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Holy water from Rome
Content 15 ml -- 0.5 fl oz
Devotional holy water contained in a strong glass bottle.
Get blessed water directly from St. Peter's Basilica. Blessed by Pope Francis.
Use it for your own protection or for spiritual help, but do not drink it!

Use holy water to:

1. Bless your religious items: statues, prayer booklets and rosaries 
2. Bless a new housebring positivity and peace into the new living quarters
3. Bless the workplace:  to give it spiritual protection
4. Drive away evil: holy water has long been considered a weapon against evil spirits and demons. 
5. Bless your pets
6. Bless the car: to seek spiritual protection while driving
On the bottle there is a silver oxidized medal with the image of the Major Four Basilicas of Rome on it.
Also other subjects are available.
You can ask us for your favorite one, leaving us a note on checkout.

It's a very special gift for you or for your loved ones. This is a rare item, that can be sourced only here in Rome-Italy (beware of people living abroad offering holy water from Saint Peter blessed by our Pope).
This water has been blessed during public blessing in Saint Peter by Pope Francis.

Comes with parchment with a prayer by Pope Francis!
You are making an offer used to help us recover the cost of providing the holy water in addition to the cost of supplies and shipping from Italy.

You are making an offer used to help us recover the cost of providing the holy water in addition to the cost of supplies and shipping from Italy.