Blessings Stretch Stretchable Bracelet Elastic Band Tau Cross Blessed By Pope

Beautiful black hematite bracelets with medals

Elastic Band
Perfect for both a woman or a man
naturally rests at 2 1/2" diameter (big)
Made of beautiful black hematite beads & red & white enamel brass medals with wooden Tau cross.
The letters form the word "Blessings"
Perfect gift for a woman.

The bracelet it's made in Italy. High craftsmanship.

Comes with a beautiful blessing by Pope Francis on a colorful parchment paper with golden accents & with a small organza bag to bring it always with you.

  • We are located in Rome! All of our items are sourced in Italy.

    We can get your items blessed! We love to help you getting your items blessed by Pope Francis. Just ask us!

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