Soothing Cross - Olive wood Comfort Cross - Help relief stress

Comfort Cross : to relief stress & to feel the presence of God in your life

A cross, finely hand crafted with olive wood to fit the hand in such a way that it seems to help relieve stress and provide comfort. Praying with the Comfort Cross can also help you defeat anxiety.

This is why it has become so widely adopted.

Also it is a beautiful gift to give and a great reminder of faith.

You can pray while holding it or jost hold it, as you would hold on to something: we all need something to hold on to.

Hand size: 3"

By holding a symbol of God’s Faith, you may feel a connectedness and remember that He is always with you and that you may reach out to Him at any time.

Although each cross is unique and special in its own way, they are all beautiful and equally conforting. Wood is a live material and it also changes over time.

Soft and completely rounded off on the edges and corners. It's nicely polished without a finish (which is better for the wood) over time the oils from your hands, anointing oil, etc will give the wood its own special patina.

Blessed by Pope Francis in St. Peter's square during public blessing, as a free service from us to you.


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