Chi Rho - Sterling Silver 925 Cross Crucifix Pendant Blessed

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Beautiful Chi-Rho cross. -Silver color- 0.8"

This is a sterling silver medal which has the Chi-Rho symbol in the front. It is marked "925" in the back. Blessed by Pope Francis on request.

Size: 2 cm - 7/8 inches

ne of the most common symbols in Christian art is the Chi-Rho. It is created by superimposing the first two letters (XP) of the Greek word for Christ, ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ. The monogram, also called a “christogram,” primarily represents Jesus Christ, but is also considered to be a common representation of the crucifixion scene. It is similar in style to the Tau-Rho (T and P superimposed), yet with a very distinct origin.

It is used in churches around the world and represents the victorious God who has defeated sin and death.

We can have your cross blessed by Pope Francis after the sale: just ask.
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