Customized Handwritten Pope Francis Papal Apostolic Blessing -Wedding- Nuns

Handwritten Pope Francis Papal Apostolic Blessing

A precious addition to your family household: a custom made Papal Blessing with your name and / or the special occasion that you wish to celebrate.

Fully Customizable! Choose your language (English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, etc)
Hand painted by the nuns.
With official dry stamp seal & signature of the Archbishop.

A special service offered to you!

Parchment size: 35cm x 50cm 14" x 20"

The blessing comes with Pope Francis picture amongst golden & beautiful flower designs. This special design for weddings also has a couple of wedding rings at the bottom of the parchment.
Sometimes the design differs from the one pictured here. I will always do my best to get you the model requested. I will let you know in advance should the model change.

The blessing, will be signed by the current Apostolic Eleemosynary on behalf of the Holy Father. Every blessing parchment comes with the official seal of the Holy See, a dry stamp that certifies its authenticity. It's the stamp of Papal Charities.

The papal blessing come from the Papal Eleemosynary office is the only "official blessing" from the Holy See.

The nuns need between 2 and 4 weeks to prepare the parchment and to have it blessed from the Holy Father, so shipment will be as soon as it is ready, up to 4 weeks after your order is placed. Usually it takes less time, but I just want to be safe giving you a heads up.
Shipped Express by DHL - 3 days.

Please contact me before or after checkout so that you can make your request.

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