Fabulous Keychain - Saint Benedict Key Ring - Medallion Exorcism - Blessed

Splendid Saint Benedict medallion - keyring

Look at this beautiful pewter and brass key ring.
Dual color: brass based (golden) key chain and pewter medallion.
Size: 1 1/2" medallion
Total Length: 3 1/2"

The center medal flips around.

Lay Catholics are not permitted to perform exorcisms but they can use the Saint Benedict Medal, holy water, the crucifix, and other sacramentals to ward off evil. The Saint Benedict Medal in the middle of a Celtic Cross is believed to be a powerful tool against evil influences.

Blessed in Saint Peter Square by Pope Francis. I've brought it personally to have it blessed for you!

Comes with a parchment blessing of Pope Francis.

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    We can get your items blessed! We love to help you getting your items blessed by Pope Francis. Just ask us!