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Finger Rosary Saint Padre Father Pio With Relic - Blessed By Pope Francis

Finger rosary blessed by Pope Francis
November 24th, 2013 during the mass for the closing of the Year of Faith

Came from a nun estate.
This is a rare Father Pio finger rosary -unused - which has, embedded in the back, a piece of cloth of the habit of Saint Pio. It's a second class relic, ex-indumentis.
Padre used to walk around with finger rosary as well.
Bring it always with you! Keep Padre Pio near to your heart.

Finger rosaries, also called rosary rings, allow you to pray the rosary using only your thumb and forefinger. This lets you use the ring while driving or performing other two-handed tasks. Finger rosaries are also more durable than traditional rosaries, as they have no delicate chains that can break, and their lack of dangling beads makes them safer to use around a baby's grabby hands or a cat's batting paws.