Fr. Joseph Caburlotto Pendant Medal W/ 2Nd Class Relic - Philippines Charm

Fr. Joseph of CaburlottoOLD Relic medal - ex indumentis

Oxidized silver alloy reliquary medal. A piece of ancient history always with you to cherish and to hold.

Nun's estate.

Beautiful item to treasure for years to come. Bring it always with you, with a chain around your neck. It's a special treasure to keep near to your heart.


Pope Paul VI
Born: Giovanni Battista Montini
Preceded by: Blessed John XXIII (1958 - 1963)
Succeeded by: John Paul I (1978)
Roman Catholic Pope #263

Born: September 26, 1897 (Italy)
Died: August 6, 1978
Pope: June 21, 1963 - August 6, 1978 (15 years)
Humanae Vitae: 1968

Paul VI was responsible for continuing with the Second Vatican Council and thereafter implementing its decrees.

Paul VI became the first pope to ever travel by airplane and, as a result, visit countries great distances from Rome. A number of these travels were designed to improve relations with non-Christians, for example his trip to India where he was welcomed as a holy man. Paul also tried to heal rifts between Rome and other Christian churches - for example, he twice traveled to visit the patriarch of Constantinople and the excommuniation of the Easter churches from 1054 was lifted and communion became the basis for referring to churches in the East as "sister churches."

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