Franciscan Ten Beads Hand Rosary Blessed By Pope St.Francis Relic Soil Tau

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A very special Franciscan hand rosary made of olive wood, high quality, hand made in Italy by skilled craftsmen.
The center rosary medal contains a small sample of soil from the tomb of St. Francis.

This WONDERFUL 8mm beads hand rosary / bracelet was blessed by Pope Francis during public mass in St. Peter Square.

Also available, in the same wood/size, there is a rosary. Search for it in my store in St. Francis' category or ask me for it.

History of the tomb of Saint Francis

The remains of St. Francis were solemnly transported to the new church on 25 May 1230. Pope Innocent IV consecrated the basilica on 25 May 1253. Pope Benedict XIV declared the church a Patriarchal Basilica and Papal Chapel on 25 March 1754 with the Constitution "Fidelis Dominus". Pius VII, on 12 September 1818, gave permission to the Minister General of the Friars Minor Conventuals to proceed with the excavations underneath the main altar of the lower basilica in order to find the tomb of St. Francis, which had been concealed by Brother Elias and then by Pope Eugene IV in 1476.
The tomb came to light on 8 December 1818, and on 12 December the remains of St. Francis were exhumed. In order to facilitate the visits of the growing number of pilgrims to the tomb, a new neo-romanic crypt was opened underneath the lower basilica. On 18 June 1939 Pope Pius XII declared St. Francis patron saint of Italy. A votive lamp with oil donated by the various regions of the Italian peninsula burns on the tomb. On 18 January 1978 Pope Paul VI authorised the Minister General of the Friars Minor Conventuals to proceed with the reopening of the tomb and scientific study of the remains of St. Francis. This took place between 24 January and 4 March 197

Comes with a holy card of the blessing by Pope Francis!

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