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Holy Communion Cross - Brass Red & Blue Enamel Ihs Crucifix - Blessed By Pope

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A nice 1.5" cross (without the bail), made of brass colored metal + RED & BLUE enamel. With a dove in the front and the famous IHS symbol.

IHS is more appropriately called a Christogram and is an ancient way of writing the word Jesus Christ.

Dating all the way back to the third century, Christians shortened the name of Jesus by only writing the first three letters of his name in Greek,   The Greek letter sigma, is written in the Latin alphabet as an "s" resulting in the monogram being commonly represented as IHS.

In the back there are the Px lettering. "Px" are representative of the Greek letters 'chi' and 'rho', and they are the first two letters of the word 'christos', which is an ancient Greek word meaning 'shining'.

Our first step on the path of transformation is taken when we acknowledge that Christ is within us and that our destiny is to become Christed beings. This is depicted in the ancient Greek symbol PX at the foot of the cross. When we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to living this new life in Christ, we begin the journey up the cross."

Can be worn on your necklace or very useful for your rosary.

Coming directly to you from Rome: Blessed by Pope Francis himself during public audience in Saint Peter Square.