Holy Water - Blessed Water - St. Peter Basilica - Exorcism -Blessed

Holy Water - Blessed by Pope

It's a fabulous strong glass bottle, filled with blessed water directly from St. Peter's square.
Use it for your own protection or for spiritual help, but do not drink it!

The silver oxidized medallion on this glass bottle depicts Pope Francis, but there are also other subjects available in our store. You can tell us which one you would prefer during checkout.
Content 15 ml -- 0.5 fl oz

It's a very special gift for you or for your loved ones. This is a rare item, that can be sourced only here in Rome, Italy.

This water has been blessed during public blessing in Saint Peter by Pope Francis.


Compared to other products on the Internet, you can rest assured that our products are truly blessed by Pope Francis. Also, you can specifically ask for a certain item on our website to be blessed, as we are based in Italy.

Due to the nature of the content, we are only selling the bottle with the subject depicted here; we will fill it after the sale so that the holy water inside comes free as a gift to you.

Comes with parchment with a prayer by Pope Francis!

  • We are located in Rome! All of our items are sourced in Italy.

    We can get your items blessed! We love to help you getting your items blessed by Pope Francis. Just ask us!

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