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Rare Holy Card Booklet With 2Nd Class Relic Of Fr. J. Alberione Ex-Indumentis

† †Directly from Italy: rare holy card booklet

with 2nd class relic of Fr. JAMES ALBERIONE† †

Booklet set in a clear plexiglas

Nun's estate


On June 25th 1996, Pope John Paul II signed the decree recognizing the eroic virtues of the future Blessed.
James Alberione was then beatified by John Paul II on Aprile 27, 2003.
This is an official Holy Card containing a real second class relic of James Alberione.
The ex-indumentis is a small piece of typical brown vestment worn by the Saint.In the pages of the booklet one can find prayers written in Italian to implore protection and favors through the intercession of Virgin Mary and words of wisdom.
There is also a piece of cloth relic.


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