Red Stretch Bracelet Cloisonne - Blessed By Pope Francis - Religious Jewelery

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Blessed RED Cloisonne' Bracelet - Blessed by Pope Francis

This is a special item, blessed by Papa Francesco (Pope Francis) during public blessing in St. Peter square. It can be blessed again after the sale if requested. Just ask me!
Comes with a parchment paper COA blessing.

This is a stretch on bracelet. Diameter at which naturally rests: 2.5"
Adjusts to any woman wrist size.
It's really fine and classy.

This model is really beautiful and a wonderful gift to your loved ones.
Available in other colors.

Don't miss this auction, it's a special item.

Cloisonnè is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects, in recent centuries using vitreous enamel, and in older periods also inlays of cut gemstones, glass, and other materials. The resulting objects can also be called cloisonnè. The decoration is formed by first adding compartments (cloisons in French) to the metal object by soldering or adhering silver or gold wires or thin strips placed on their edges. These remain visible in the finished piece, separating the different compartments of the enamel or inlays, which are often of several colors. Cloisonnè enamel objects are worked on with enamel powder made into a paste, which then needs to be fired in a kiln.

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