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Saint JPII - St.John Paul II Pope - Gold Plated Canonization Blessed Rosary

Special canonization rosary - released for the special event

Beautiful rosary with beautiful and precious turquoise beads.
Smooth, velvety and shiny.
Double capped.
The our father beads are beautiful faux pearls.

Gold plated.

The center rosary has the coat of arms of St.John II and on the flip side the black madonna our Lady of czestochowa! The cross is the Manzu's cross: our Pope John Paul II favorite cross.

All parts are gold plated.

This is a fabulous rosary which celebrates our latest greatest Pope: Saint John Paul II Pious Pope!!

I was only able to acquire one of them! Don't miss this opportunity!

The auction is complemented by two wonderful blessing on parchment.
The smiling face of Pope Francis & the peacefulness of Bl. Pope John Paul II will be a nice addition to your home. Ready to be framed.

  • We are located in Rome! All of our items are sourced in Italy.

    We can get your items blessed! We love to help you getting your items blessed by Pope Francis. Just ask us!

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