St. Benedict Celtic Cross Blessed By Pope Francis - Medalla de San Benito

Red enamel St. Benedict cross -GOLDEN color- 7/8"

This is a small but thick St. Benedict cross with red enamel.
The medal inside the cross is golden color.
The medal is made of brass. Really elegant.

The Medal Wards Against

1. To destroy witchcraft and all other diabolical and haunting influences;
2. To impart protection to persons tempted, deluded, or tormented by evil spirits;
3. To obtain the conversion of sinners into the Catholic Church, especially when they are in danger of death;
4. To serve as an armor against temptation;
5. To destroy the effects of poison;
6. To secure a timely and healthy birth for children;
7. To afford protection against storms and lightning;
8. To serve as an efficacious remedy for bodily afflictions and a means of protection against contagious diseases.

This medal can be blessed by Pope Francis: just ask us.

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