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St. Benedict Rosary - Exorcism - Blessed By Pope - Rosario De San Benito

Saint Benedict Rosary blessed by Pope Francis

This beautifully made Rosary is hand crafted in Italy.

Made of big, black crystal, shiny beads and knotted brown cord. The cross and rosary center are embellished by a sticker which is totally covered by shiny protective enamel. Ideal for a classy person! Look at the big rounded beads. Size is 8 mm.

Something out of the ordinary, very elegant.

"The intercession of St. Benedict is known to have power and our faith can release this power. The medal is reminder that we are protected by the power of Christ."

It has been blessed by Pope Francis during public audience in Saint Peter Square & on request it can be blessed again after purchase.

Catholics are not permitted to perform exorcisms but they can use the Saint Benedict Medal, holy water, the crucifix, and other sacramentals to ward off evil. The Saint Benedict Medal in the middle of a Celtic Cross is believed to be a powerful tool against evil influences.

This medal is used in numerous ways:on a chain around the neck;attached to one's rosary;kept in one's pocket or purse;placed in one's car or home;placed in the foundation of a building;placed in the center of a cross

Any time you use St. Benedict's Medal or Medal-Cross for these particular purposes, tradition invites to say five Gloria Patri to Jesus Passion, three Hail Mary to the Blessed Virgin Mary and a Lord's Prayer to St. Benedict. In order to enter more deeply into the spirit of devotion, it is advisable to say these prayers every day.

Comes with blessing parchment and COA.