St Father Pio Blessed Rosary-Chain w/ 2nd Class Free Relic Padre Pio

Saint Padre Pio black stone-like rosary with relic ex-indumentis

Original item coming from Rome, Italy. It's a limited edition, unused, blessed by Pope Francis during mass in Saint Peter Square.

The center rosary has an image of St. Padre Pio in the front and a 2nd class relic of his habit (ex-indumentis) in the back.

The beads are very elegant. The beads are made of DARK beads, with grey accents (small spots on the beads that make it look like marbleized). Very beautiful stone-like beads, shiny and nice to the touch.
On a second look, the beads look like a dark sky with spectacular stars shining on to it.

I have brought this rosary to St. Peter square where it has been blessed by Pope Francis during public audience.
I can always bless it after the sale, on your request. Just ask!

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