St. Padre Pio Rosary Blessed By Pope with 2nd class relic Ex-Indumentis

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Saint Padre Pio white faux mother of pearl rosary with relic ex-indumentis

This is an authentic rare special edition, NEW, unused, blessed by Pope Francis in St. Peter's square during public blessing. Touched to the shrine of St. Pio.
Perfect gift for a Holy Communion or Confirmation of a girl. With this sparkling reflexes the rosary is ideal as a gift to a boy.

The double capping adds luster to the shiny beads. Attached to this pretty rosary there is a small medal of St. Pio with a relic ex-indumentis in the back.
The beads are very pretty and light. The rosary is very nice to the touch and easy to bring always with you. You are purchasing the rosary; the relic medal is my FREE GIFT.

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