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St. Padre Pio ex-indumentis medal pendant w/ 2nd class Relic Blessed by Pope

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Saint Padre Pio - alloy medal with relic vestment.

This is a vintage medal with a relic ex-indumentis of St. Padre Pio.

Size 7/8"

This religious vintage medal ex-indumentis of Saint Padre Pio on the front depicts Padre Pio, on the back the relic "ex indumentis". The medal is marked Italy because it has been handcrafted in Italy.

This medal has been recently touched to the shroud of St. Pio & blessed by Pope Francis during public blessing in St. Peter's square.

The precious medal comes with a paper parchment of the prayer blessing by the Pope.

Risultati immagini per tomba padre pio
As with all of my blessed items, this medal can also be blessed again after the sale: just ask me!
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