St. Padre Pio Vintage 1950'S Holy Card - Photo Coa By Abresch - Father Pio


Printed while the Saint was still alive
SIZE 2" x 3.5"

This is a very old photographic paper B&W holy card of St. Padre Pio coming from Pietrelcina. It is printed on photographic paper. Not many were printed at the time.

This wallet size holy card was made by the Capuchin to thank benefactors and tycoons who would donate money to the cause for building "la casa della sofferenza": the hospital of San Giovanni Rotondo.

It's a picture copyrighted by Vinelli on of the photographers that followed Padre Pio around and took all the picture that you know of him today.

In this unusual shot, Padre Pio is portrayed laughing =)

To own one of these original photography of the Saint is a special thing. It will definitely make you feel near to him. It's not just a printed holy card.

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