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Tau Wooden Cross Blessed By Pope -Franciscan Crucifix 1.6" -4 Cm

Beautiful Tau cross. - Wood -
4 x 3.6 cm (1.6" x 1.2")

This is an auction for a big wooden Tau cross.
Ideal gift.
Franciscan cross made of olive wood.

Due to wood grain, the olive wood cross you are purchasing could differ a little from the one in the picture, but not in size or shape.

St. Anthony of Egypt bore a cross in the form of a tau on his cloak. The Tau Cross is most commonly used in reference to the Franciscan Order and Saint Francis of Assisi, who adopted it as his personal coat of arms after hearing Pope Innocent III talk about the Tau symbol. It is now used as a symbol of the Franciscan Order.
This precious tau cross can be blessed by Pope Francis on request, after the sale, before shipping.

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