Tertium Millennium Holy Trinity Cross Crucifix - Blessed By Pope -Parts -Pendant

The Father Son and Holy Ghost Trinity Cross - Tertium Millennium cross
Size 4 cm - 
1 1/2" Crucifix Pendant -Medium

It's the medium version of this crucifix.
It's available in 3 sizes and this is the medium one.
You can use it attached to your favorite rosary instead of the current cross.

It's a tertium millennium cross celebrating martyrdom. Tertium millennium is the 3rd Millennium after Christ.

This cross was released in the year 2000, for the Jubilee.

It derives from Pope John Paul II's Apostolic letter "Tertio Millennio adveniente", proclaiming a jubilee year (Holy Year) for Christians worldwide in 2000 AD (Anno Domine).
Briefly it remarks that "Jesus Christ is the same forever", speaks of His church's mission to carry on the work of Christ, & the Jubilee to be a celebration of His redeeming Incarnation as Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Blessed by Pope Francis during public audience in Saint Peter Square.

The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost cross comes with a holy card of the blessing by Pope Francis!